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Checkposts Telangana State

Integrated Check Posts

2 Integrated Check Posts have been established at State Borders. Departments like commercial taxes, excise, transport, forests, civil supplies etc., have their staff to check vehicles. These Check-posts have been established in order to provide checking facility to transport operators at one point at State Border and to avoid unnecessary delay and harassment. These Check-posts are under the administrative control of Commercial Taxes Department. They are at the following places.

1. ICP, Salura (Nizamabad Dist.)
2. ICP, Adilabad (Adilabad Dist.)

Others Checkposts

There are 13 check posts at the state boarder in addition to 2 Integrated Check Posts to regulate the plying of vehicles. They are located at the following places.

Sl. No Name of the Check Post District
1. Zaheerabad Sangareddy
2. Madnoor Kamareddy
3. Kamareddy Kamareddy
4. Bhainsa Nirmal
5. Wankidi Komram Bheem
6. Alampur X Road Jogulamba
7. Krishna Mahaboobnagar
8. Nagarjunasagar Nalgonda
9. Vishnupuram Nalgonda
10. Kodad Suryapet
11. Kallur Khammam
12. Aswaraopet Bhadradri
13. Palvancha Bhadradri