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Commissioner's Office

The Department is administered by the Transport Commissioner who is the Head of the Transport Department and is assisted by Three (3) Joint Commissioners, 3 Regional Transport Officers, 1 Regional Transport officer as State Representative before State Transport Appellate Tribunal. At the field level the Transport Commissioner is assisted by District Transport Officers who provide the overall supervision and coordination of all offices at the district level.

Transport Department Telangana State

Designation Name Office Residence Fax Cell E-Mail
Transport Commissioner Sri Sunil Sharma I.A.S 23321282 - - - tc@tstransport.in
J.T.C. (IT &Vig) Sri C. Ramesh 23321278 - - - jtc_it@tstransport.in
J.T.C. Secy.,STA (FAC) Smt. G.Mamata Prasad 23321279 - - - jtc_ssta@tstransport.in
DTC (Enforcement) - - - - - dtc_enft@tstransport.in