Renewal of Driving Licence

Driving Licence Renewa of Driving LLicence

An application for renewal of driving Licence shall be made in Form No.9 to the Licence authority having juridiction over the area in which the applicant ordinarly resides or carries on business and shall be accompanied by -

  • Appropriate fee for Renewal as specified in Rule 32 CMV RULES
    (in Form 6 Rs.15/- and in Form 7 Rs.40/-, Late Renewal Fee Rs.10/- after grace period of 30 days for every year.)
  • Three copies of the applicant's recent passport size photographs, if renewal is made in Form 6
  • The driving Licence.
  • The medical certificate in Form 1A wherever applicable. An application for a medical certificate (Form - IA) shall contain a declaration in Form - 1